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13 Oct 2019
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16 Apr 2020


We have been working hard to make changes to the server. As part of that, we have changed our application system completely.

Before you use to have to go to the forums, copy the format, then start a new thread and then fill out the application. Some of them didn't even get reviewed untill like a week later. I thought that this way was insufficient and that it needed to be changed. So I changed it.

We now have an Application Information thread on our information page. This explains the process and the requirements for each role. This is to ensure that our builders, helpers and staff are mature, they have experience, they can talk to us so we can communicate, they can't be too young and more ways to make sure our team is as good as we can make it.

The new way to apply is by going to the navigation bar and clicking the position that you would like to apply for. It will give you areas to put your answers and it will be sent directly to our staff area. We will be notified when an application has been sent through and then will respond to it.

Another change that has happened with our applications is that only Managers and the Owner will only be looking and responding to applications (Sometimes the admins will also look through applications, but they will never look through staff ones).

We hope this way works better than our old one and will change it when we see fit. Thank you for reading


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Zackyyy · about 1 year ago