Updating our Application System
about 1 year ago


We have been working hard to make changes to the server. As part of that, we have changed our application system completely.

Before you use to have to go to the forums, copy the format, then start a new thread and then fill out the application. Some of them didn't even get reviewed untill like a week later. I thought that this way was insufficient and that it needed to be changed. So I changed it.

We now have an Application Information thread on our information page. This explains the process and the requirements for each role. This is to ensure that our builders, helpers and staff are mature, they have experience, they can t...

Rules and Punishments
about 1 year ago

These are the rules for the in-game server, discord channel, website and store. Breaking any of these will result in the following punishments stated down below. The reason we are doing this is to make sure that all staff are punishing the person correctly. 

Note: The Owner and Manager(s) does not have to follow these punishments, however it is highly recomended that they do. They can also punish a player for any reason they see fit, but reasonable.

This is the list of Rules and punishments:

  • Modifications/Hacks
    • Malicious

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